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History of ESD-Control Bags

The evolution of the ESD-control bag and packaging-material design has been a compromise between various features. Ideally, you look for ESD bag materials that combine low cost with properties such as high ESD shielding effectiveness, permanent conductive properties, humidity-independent performance, elimination of contamination and corrosion, MVB properties, heat-sealability, and transparency.

Static-shielding bags are manufactured by depositing a thin metal coating such as aluminum over an conductive polyester film substrate. The metallized layer protects the devices in the bag from electrostatic fields; the insulative layers prevent direct contact with potential ESD hazards. At the low end are amine-free, polyethylene film bags that are transparent or pink in color, referred to as conductive or pink poly.

Over the past years, manufacturers have developed a number of static- dissipative materials that minimize tribocharging and improve puncture resistance and durability. Durability is a particularly attractive property in most ESD bags where sharp-edged PCBs are loaded into the bags.

Manufacturers also are developing more environmentally friendly materials than they had in the past. Historically, ESD protective packaging has environmental problems similar to any plastic material: disposal and material decomposition can present an environmental hazard. Recently, manufacturers have conquered some of the disposal problems, and we now see more recyclable ESD bags on the market, such as those made from polypropylene.

Types of conductive bags

Flat Anti-Static Poly Bags

Protect electronic components from static build-up. Constructed from pink anti-static polyethylene film. Keeps products clean and moisture free.

flat conductive polythene bags

Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Make your own anti-static poly bags. Excellent resistance to static discharge. Static dissipative, non-corrosive pink polyethylene is heat sealable. Seal with Poly Tubing Sealers.

conductive polythene tubing

Gripseal/Zipper conductive bags

The same properties as the Open Top(Flat) Pink Poly Bag plus the security and convenience of a zipper top. The zipper top closes securely to protect against damage from dust and moisture.

gripseal conductive bags

Anti-Static Bubble Bags or Bubble pouches

Provides maximum protection against static discharge for circuit boards, relays, switches, resistors, controls and other static sensitive electronic components - Apply your own labels. 3/16" Industrial bubble coated with a nylon barrier provides outstanding cushioning. 1" pressure sensitive lip covered with release paper allows for easy closing.
conductive bubble bags

Features & Benefits of Conductive Bags

  • Low cost
  • Simple design and construction
  • conductive agent or material on/in film
  • Eliminates the hazard of static damage - prevents the generation of static electricity
  • Perfect for packging, storing and shipping non-sensitive and sensitive electronic components
  • Surface resistance is less than 1012 ohms/sq.


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